Thanks for not listening.

Before I begin to surf the web and look at mindless crap that rots my brain, I visit Yahoo! and read the news to comfort myself into believing that I’m “learning.”

I’m not a big fan of the news because usually it just upsets me and throws me into a frenzy about how much I hate some people on this planet. Well, today was no different.
One thing in particular that struck me was the article “Americans, unlike the Senate, approve of Obama’s jobs bill, poll says.” This was upsetting because as usual Congress does whatever the hell they please and not the job they were elected for, which was to listen to the American people. The bill was going to cut payroll taxes, prolong unemployment benefits, and invest in road construction. The poll found that 63 percent of the people they polled wanted the bill to pass. There was another clause of the bill which was that the rich and corporations will not have any tax loopholes. This part of the bill got 64 percent approval. Now if I was in congress and saw this I would think, “It looks like the people want this bill to pass I should forget about which party I’m on and  support it”.

Anyway, why would they want to raise taxes on the rich – since they of course are the rich. They sit in their pretty, shiny white building doing what they feel is best for them and saying it’s wrong and a waste of the tax payers’ money. We are the god damn tax payer! If we want this bill to pass then it should pass. The people that are in Congress are nothing like the people they represent. They are part of that 1% that believe having $400,000 a year after taxes and feeding their family is not enough. Thanks for not listening to us again Congress and then you wonder why people don’t believe in the system.


Disturbing customs.

I allows wonder why it’s so hard to write sometimes? I have a theory which may not be for everyone, but I feel like I avoid writing at times  so I can deliberately dodge any feelings I’m having. When I write down all the dark and mental thoughts it makes everything absolute. My usual instinct is to  grab a cupcake and avoid as much as possible. Bury any real feelings in the part of my brain where my Algebra skills reside. Some may say it’s not a exemplary system but than I just wouldn’t be me. I wish I would write constantly, but instead I convince myself it’ll hurt more than help.

Acrostic poem.

Lingering in every soul.

Overcoming many with pain and confusion.

Virtue is lost.
Eternally hurt and broken.

Lucid moments

Driving with one hand the other is busy holding my life together. I’m walking on thin ice, barley hanging on by a string, any metaphor displaying a person in peril illustrates my life. Giving up is not an option. Suddenly I feel your hands veil my eyes. I stop and breathe. Letting your love  run through me, filling ever inch of my cold broken body.

Collapsed Flight

Is the ground covered in glue?

How am I not moving?

Stuck to this ground.

I’m going insane.

Wrenching my legs so hard I can feel my sockets being pulled.


I need you to know how I suffer through the days.

I don’t need anything more.

Let me go.

I’ve stayed for you.

Won’t you let me leave for me?

A Fine Frenzy

Driving to school today, I plugged  my cellphone into my car. I did it carefully, while keeping my eyes one the road, so don’t worry. I really wanted to listen to one song that wasn’t on any of my cds.  What song is so important, you ask, that I’m willing to risk bodily injury just so I can listen to it. Well this song is not any old song, but one of my favorites ‘Goodbye My Almost Llover’ by A Fine Frenzy. The lyrics are so powerful; you feel as if you are there with this woman who is haunted by  her memories of a broken relationship.

I know this song is old and you probably already know how awesome it is, but I think it’s still worth mentioning. Alison Sudol’s lyrics inspire me. I hope to one day write as beautifully as she does. Today I was a bit emotional, so when I was listening to it, I teared up. I blame Alison Sudol, her voice is so intense you can’t help but be completely immersed in her songs. She has a voice that angels envy. I found out that she released another album in 2009. I couldn’t believe I didn’t know about this, so I got the cd today as soon as I came back home. Can’t wait to listen to it! I will review it once I’m done.

Oh yeah also Alison is freaking beautiful!

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Midnight lovers never seem to cross paths

Paint me a rainbow.

I might just give you my love.

Taking your hand.

I run.

Did you feel the earth move?

The daisies have never looked more brighter.

I love you.

Are you just repeating what I’m saying?

Our hearts collide.

Smashing each other into small pieces.

You love me, I’ll love you.

This might work.

The fog is rolling in now.

Hold me.

Before I can’t see you anymore.